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2002 - Henk van Riemsdijk
`Everyday language` in emigrant letters and its implications for
Visible by Design: The Significance of Typography in Media
Unambiguous Argument Identification and the Distribution of Weak
The resolution of number conflicts in English and German
Slověne. Vol. 1. No. 1. Review of GRAMMATICALIZATION IN
pages 373–393 - CSLI Publications
Overview on Annotation of Ellipses
1586398 andersenjlc9 2016 264 292
Variation in the case system of German – linguistic analysis and
The Verbal Complex in Continental West Germanic
Strategic Deception and Self-Deception in Markets - Max
Sprachvariation The Verb Cluster in Mennonite Low German: A New
Selectional restrictions in natural language sentence generation
Proto-Roles and Case Selection in Optimality Theory
Patterns of Dative-Nominative Alternations
Jessica Nowak. 2015. Zur Legitimation einer 8. Ablautreihe. Eine
Introduction - Friedrich-Schiller