7 Words and word-formation processes
Middles in German - EDOC HU - Humboldt
Clausal architecture and subject positions
Unambiguous Argument Identification and the Distribution of Weak
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Iconicity and Syncretism
The German language - Кафедра іноземних мов
intercultural communication in the translation of history texts
Introduction - Friedrich-Schiller
Left/right asymmetries and the grammar of pre- vs. post
Systematic Acquisition of Reading and Writing: An Exploration of
Conference Abstracts - Penn State University
The Verbal Complex in Continental West Germanic
Münchhausen-style head movement and the analysis of verb second
Clause Structure and X
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Complete Colloquium Brochure
Sprachvariation The Verb Cluster in Mennonite Low German: A New
Auxiliary verbs in compound tenses in Italian
Icelandic non-nominative subjects Facts and implications
някои прилики и разлики между английски и немски език, които