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IMEN 368 인간공학 II
B. Anaerobic Glycolysis System – oxygen debt, not efficient
1. Glucose (C6H12O6)n ïƒ Lactic acid (2C3H6O3) + Energy
2. Energy + 3ADP + 3P ïƒ 3ATP
 Aerobic Reaction – steady state
1. C16H32O2 (carbohydrates and fatty acids) + 23O2 ïƒ 16CO2 + 16H2O + Energy
2. 130 ADP + 130P + Energy ïƒ 130ATP
 The Circulatory System
 The Blood
 8% of body weight
 red blood cells
 transport oxygen and remove carbon dioxide
 formed in bone marrow and carries the Hb
 white blood cells – fight germs and defend the body against infections
 platelets (혈소판) – stop bleeding
 Plasma – 90% water 10% nutrients and solutes
 The Structure of the Cardiovascular Systems
 the heart – four-chambered (atrium and ventricle, atrioventricular valves) – fig 12.3
 arteries and veins (one-way valves)
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