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What is climate change?
Climate change is usually defined as the
“average weather” in a place. It includes
patterns of temperature, precipitation (rain or
snow), humidity, wind and seasons.
According to the report, rising levels of carbon
dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in the
atmosphere have warmed the Earth and are
causing wide-ranging impacts, including rising
sea levels is the effect.
Effect of climate change?
Because so many systems are tied to climate, a
change in climate can affect many related aspects
of where and how people, plants and animals live,
such as food production, availability and use of
water, and health risks. For example, a change in the
usual timing of rains or temperatures can affect when
plants bloom and set fruit, when insects hatch or
when streams are their fullest. This can affect
historically synchronized pollination of crops, food for
migrating birds, spawning of fish, water supplies for
drinking and irrigation, forest health, and more.
What is biodiversity?
 Biodiversity,
short for biological diversity, is
the term used to describe the variety of
life found on Earth and all of the natural
processes. This includes ecosystem,
genetic and cultural diversity, and the
connections between these and all
What is the effect of
 Growth of the human population is a
major factor affecting the environment.
Simply put, overpopulation means that
there are more people than there are
resources to meet their needs. Almost all
the environmental problems we face
today can be traced back to the
increase in population in the world.
 Climate
change is a threat because
species have evolved to live within
certain temperature ranges, and when
these are exceeded and a species
cannot adapt to the new temperatures,
or when the other species it depends on
to live cannot adapt, for example its food
supply, its survival is threatened.
. It is also ,alone is expected to threaten with
extinction approximately one quarter or more of
all species on land by the year 2050, surpassing
even habitat loss as the biggest threat to life on
land. Species in the oceans and in fresh water
are also at great risk from climate change,
especially those that live in ecosystems like
coral reefs that are highly sensitive to warming
temperatures, but the full extent of that risk has
not yet been calculated.
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