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Hindu universal spirit translated as God
Natural law that gives harmony and balance to the universe; collection of teachings
Religious teacher that leads Hindu worship
A major religious and cultural tradition of South Asia, developed from Vedic religion.
Actions that affect future lives
Belief in many gods
Rebirth in which a soul moves to another body depending on how well a person lives
his/her life
Hindu holy book
The vast majority of Hindus live in ______________________.
Hinduism is a ______________________ of many different religious traditions.
The word Hindu means “people living near the ______________________ River.”
According to Hindu scripture, Brahman is a spirit that cannot be __________________ or heard.
Unlike other religions, Hinduism is not based on one particular ___________________ or text.
The earliest Hindu scriptures are called The Vedas, which means _______________________.
The Bhagavad Gita is read ___________________ than any other Hindu scripture.
The Dharma is the natural law that gives harmony and ___________________ to the universe.
For Hindus, to live according to the Dharma means doing one’s duty and living a virtuous life.
“One should never do that to another which one regards as injurious to one’s own self. This, in brief is the
________________ of the dharma.”
The goal for all Hindus is to be united with Brahman after _________________.
The word reincarnation means “to be made flesh again.”
Reincarnation happens until the ____________________ achieves moksha or “liberation.”
What we do in one life impacts what happens to us in the _____________ life is called the law of karma.
A bath in the Ganges ______________ is said to purify the soul.
Hindus worship in a temple or a shrine at __________________.
Aum is the most recognizable symbol of Hinduism.
Yoga is a form of _____________________ the Hindus use to break free of the cycle of reincarnation.
The Hindu house of _____________________ is called a mandir, which means “house of the deity.”
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