Poem Summary
CommonLit | On Being Brought from Africa to America
Poetry BM Prep 2 Reading Comprehension Read the following
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Sonnet 90 Sonnet 292
from Snowbound The First Snowfall
“Weather” by Eve Merriam.
Questions on Ben Franklin
Counter-figures - Pajari Räsänen
Sonnet 30 Sonnet 75 Edmund Spenser 1552?–1599
September Poem of the Month Rain Sizes by John Ciardi
Grade 10 English (ENG2D) – Unit 3 Introduction to Poetry A
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For my Sister Molly Who in the Fifties
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The Starry Night
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meeting the standards
Active and Passive Voice
The musical language Elements of Persian musical language
Soft Rains/Meeting at Night/Sounds of Night