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Bircotes and Harworth Community School
The Global Fashion Industry – GDP’s and TNC’s
Using the internet you are going to research into the issue of globalisation
and world trade.
 Log in and click on the internet
 Type in
 Click on Back Issue Archive
 Click on summer 2001 edition (secondary, red box)
 Click on focus on Globalisation and Trade
Using the information in the section- Introduction –Globalisation and Trade, attempt
the following activities. They are in order.
1. What is meant by the term globalisation?
2. By clicking on the words find their meaning,
(a) tariffs
(b) quotas
3. Look at the photograph of the WTO meeting in Seattle, which trans-national
company (TNC), is being protected, can you suggest why?
4. Click on the words “ trans-national companies” and find out the meaning of
the word.
5. Click on the number plate and find out the,
(a) GNP’s of Malaysia, S.Africa and Thailand.
(b) Total sales of General Motors, Ford & Wal-Mart Stores.
(c) Do you think TNC’s make too much money?
6. Click on the red circles on the bike, then list all the countries where parts of
the bike are made.
7. Read through he two paragraphs below the bike.
(a) List two good things that TNC’s bring to poor countries (LEDC’s)
(b) List two bad things that TNC’s bring to poor countries (LEDC’s)
8. Read the section “ Different Trading Opportunities”, then copy and complete
the following.
Selling goods and services brings _____________________. Many poor
countries lack ____________________________________________________.
Farmers in the Peruvian Andes are called ______________________ because
_____________________________ . Primary _______ fetch a low price compared to
_____________. This means poor countries _______________________________ to
buy the goods they need.
9. Click on the “digital divide”.
(a) how many of the world’s population are linked to the internet?
(b) Where are most internet users found?
10. Make a list of the things that poor countries need to help them develop.