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Unit VI. Industrialization —TCMG 1112 >
Terms, Concepts, Models, Geographers – Use notecards OR write these out on paper, which ever helps
you LEARN and UNDERSTAND the geographic-ness of each item best.
You still need to draw a graphic or hint for each item.
1. Term, Concept, Model or Geographer
2. Symbol, graphic or hint to help you remember the term, concept, model, geographer.
3. Geographic definition
Resources: Vocab handouts from the Rubenstein, DeBlij, Domash and Knox books.
More good sources like StudyStack are listed at too.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Agglomeration economies
Aluminum industry (factors of production, location)
Assembly line production/Fordism
Bid rent theory
Break-of-bulk point/Transportation Hub
Canadian industrial heartland
Carrier efficiency
Comparative advantage
Culmination causation
Economic sectors (P,S,T,Q)
Economies of scale
Export processing zone
Fixed costs
Footloose industry
Foreign Direct Investment
Four Tigers
Growth poles
Heartland/Rimland theory
Industrial Location Theory (Weber)
Industrial Regions (place, fuel source, characteristics)
Industrial Revolution
Industry (receding, growing)
International division of labor (FRQ in 07!)
Least-cost location
Manufacturing exports
Market orientation
Multiplier effect
Plant location (supplies, “just in time” delivery) Postindustrial
Resource orientation
Special economic zones/SEZ (China)
Specialized economic zones
Substitution principle
Time-space compression
Trade (complementarity)
Transnational corporation (TNC)
Value Added
Variable costs
Weigh/Bulk reducing industry
Weight/Bulk gaining industry
World Cities
Manufacturing/warehouse location (industrial parks, agglomeration, shared services,
zoning, transportation, taxes, environmental considerations)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DEVELOPMENT ITEMS - You already did these, just be ready to apply them to agriculture and
 Cultural Convergence
 Neocolonialism
 Dependency Theory
 Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
 Development
 Technology Gap
 Foreign Direct Investment
 Technology Transfer
 Gender
 Rostow
 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
 MDC/Developed
 Gross National Product (GNP)
 NIC/Newly Industrialized Country
 Human Development Index
 Stages Of Growth model
 Ldc/Less Developed
 Core/Periphery Model
 Levels Of Development
 Wallerstein
 Measures Of Development
 World Systems Theory