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8th Grade RFA
Mozart Quiz
Answer the following questions using your worksheets on Mozart. Please be thorough
with your answers and use details.
1. Why was Mozart considered a prodigy? Explain your answer.
2. Leopold took Mozart on tours of Europe. Besides showing off his son’s talent,
why else did he go on this tour?
3. When and where was Mozart born? He was a composer of the ______ era?
4. List 3 genres of music that Mozart composed.
5. Name one person that Mozart worked for and describe his role?
6. Name two instruments that Mozart played.
7. Choose the best answer that describes Mozart’s life.
a. Rich and happy
b. poor and over-worked
c. boring
d. sad and depressing
8. What influence did Mozart’s wife have on him?
9. How are Mozart’s compositions categorized?
10. Name one important work by Mozart and explain what genre it is.
Bonus: How did Ben Franklin influence Mozart’s career?