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North Africa and Southwest Asia
Fresh Water: A Scarce Resource
•The scarcity of ______ _________ in North Africa and Southwest Asia had led most
of the people to settle along the fertile ___________ valleys and coastal areas.
•In central and southern Algeria, only the occasional __________ is capable of
supporting life. Many of Algeria’s population lives on these few oases where
underground springs provide water for date and citrus fruit crops as well as some grass
and shrubs for grazing this inhospitable region
Peninsulas and Seas
•The largest peninsula is the _______________ Peninsula in Southwest Asia.
The Arabian Peninsula- Oil
Supplies the world with 1/4th to 1/3rd of all of the _____ that is produced.
The Sinai Peninsula
•The smaller of the _______________ in Southwest Asia, connects Africa and Asia
The Dead Sea
•______ water lake, located at the mouth of the Jordan River
•Its shores lie about 1,300 feet below sea level.
•___________ point on the earth’s surface.
•9 times saltier than the __________
Coasts, Mountains and Plateaus
•Mountain Ranges:
Southwest Asia
•_______ Mountain
•_______ Mountains
Arabian Peninsula
The Central Plateau
•very little annual ___________, located in Saudi Arabia
The Pontic Mountains-Turkey
Located on the ________ Sea Coast, south of Black Sea
The Taurus Mountains- Turkey
lie along the ________________ Sea on Turkey’s southern coast.
Zagros Mountains- Turkey and Iran
Form the western border of _______. It is an area of frequent seismic activity.
Hindu Kush Mountains- Afghanistan
The _________ Pass is a famous route into India through the rugged Hindu Kush
Mountains in North Africa
The ________ Mountains are found in Morocco and Algeria
The Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria
Rivers of North Africa and Southwest Asia
The Nile River- Egypt
-___________ river in the world (4,145 miles long)
-floods annually creating a very fertile strip of land along its banks and in its
flood plain.
-______ of Egypt’s population lives along the Nile
When the Egyptians constructed the _________ High Dam, they also built the largest
human-made lake in the world-Lake ___________. Lake Nasser is 300 miles long!
Rivers of Southwest Asia
The Tigris and Euphrates
-These rivers were the site of the worlds 1st ________________.
-Frequent ______________ provided a very rich, fertile region between these two
-Source: mountains of Anatolia
-Flow to the __________ Gulf