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Chapter 14
Lifestyle Diseases
Section 1: Lifestyle and Lifestyle Diseases
1. What are the causes of lifestyle diseases?
2. What are the controllable risk factors for lifestyle
3. What are the uncontrollable risk factors for
lifestyle diseases?
Section 2: Cardiovascular Disease
1. What are some examples of Cardiovascular disease?
2. What are some specific risk factors for CVD?
3. What are the signs of a stroke? Of a heart attack?
4. What are 4 methods for detecting CVD?
5. What are 6 ways to treat CVD?
6. How can you reduce the risk of CVD?
Section 3: Cancer
1. When does cancer begin?
2. Describe the 2 types of tumors? Which is more
3. Why are cancer cells destructive? What does it
mean to metastasis?
4. List some causes of cancer.
5. How is cancer detected?
6. What are 3 options for treating cancer?
7. How can you reduce your risk of cancer?
Section 4: Diabetes
1. When is insulin released into the blood?
2. Describe the 3 types of diabetes, list the symptoms
for each, and treatment for each.
3. Describe detection and treatment for diabetes.
4. What are some ways to lower your risk of diabetes?