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Forensic Entomology
 Involves the study of insects on
decomposed bodies in order to
determine the elapsed time since
Forensic Entomology
 The broad field of forensic entomology
is commonly broken down into three
general areas:
 1.medicolegal
 2.urban
 3.stored product pests.
Ways forensic entomology
is used
 Can tell if body has been moved from
one site to another.
 Body has been disturbed after death
 Position and presence of wound sites
 Drug identification
 Determine length of time of neglect
 Abuse cases
Common types of insects
 Common larvae or
 Typical early arrivers
to a cadaver
 Found in almost all
Common types of insects
 Cockroaches
 species are capable of
producing postmortem
damage to human skin that
resembles abrasions or
chemical burns.
 In many cases these
abrasions appear as small
pits in the skin.
 Additionally, roaches often
consume human hair, and
may frequently remove entire
hair shafts during their
Common insects
 Flesh fly is a
common insect found
on many cadavers in
the early stages of
Common insects
 Beetle larvae
 Larvae such as these
are typically found
later in the stages of
insect succession,
after the early
arriving flies.
How diverse is forensic
Here are a few examples: The
diverse applications of
forensic entomology include
the detection of abuse in
children and neglect of the
Examples of uses of
forensic entomology
 Published cases exist that detail parents
intentionally using wasps and bees to sting
their children as a form of punishment.
 Analysis of remains of insects that have
impacted and lodged on the windshield and
radiators of automobiles can yield evidence to
the probable path of an automobile through
particular areas when pinpointing the location
and areas of travel are of unique importance.
entomology is a very useful method of
determining elapsed time since death after 72
h. It is accurate to a day or less, or a range of
days, and may be the only method available to
determine elapsed time since death. It is vital
that the insects are collected properly and its
accuracy depends on this and on suitable
conditions for insects.