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AP World History
Chapter 19 Study Guide
Key Terms: Define each term and tell me the significance of the term in relation to
World History. In other words, tell me who or what it is, and why it is important.
1. Marie Curie
2. Albert Einstein
3. Sigmund Freud
4. darbar
5. Cixi
6. Sun Yat-sen
7. Guomindang
8. creole
9. mestizo
10. Porfirio Diaz
11. Francisco“Pancho”Villa
12. Emiliano Zapata
13. Young Turks
14. Franz Ferdinand
15. Bolshevik
16. V.I. Lenin
17. Lusitania
18. Zimmerman Telegram
19. 14 Points
20. Treaty of Versailles
21. League of Nations
22. Ataturk
23. Mohandas K. Gandhi
24. Nicholas II
25. Joseph Stalin
26. collectivization
27. Franklin D. Roosevelt
28. Civilian Conservation Corps
Possible essay questions: Write notes or possible answers for each question, it might be a
good idea to write out your thesis statement.
1. Discuss the changing roles of women in the early 20th century.
2. Tsar Nicholas II was doing many of the same things to modernize his country that
the Meiji administration had done in Japan. Why was Nicholas deposed and
murdered, while Meiji is now worshipped as a kami?