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Greek God/Goddess Poster
Assignment: You are going to be CREATIVE, ARTISTIC, EXPRESSIVE,
and INFORMATIVE!!!!!!!! Your assignment is to create a poster or collage
representing a Greek god, goddess or other mythological character. I want
you to use your imagination and create something that will clearly illustrate
the power, character, and values of your deity. The following list will give
you specific steps:
1. Rough Draft - sketch out briefly all of the information and show it to me
before you begin the final process.
2. Materials - collect all materials that will be needed for this project. I will
supply felt tip markers, crayons, and scissors. If you want anything else
(glue, colored pencils, tissue paper, etc.) you will need to bring it from home.
3. Poster Project - create a masterpiece!!!!
Requirements for Your Poster:
Size is legal-sided or tabloid-sized poster
Name - of your god/goddess/mythological character in clearly visible letters
____/5 pts Picture - of what you think the god/goddess/mythological character
looked like
____/5 pts Animal or Symbol - that is associated with your
god/goddess/mythological character
____/5 pts Family Tree - relevant info. about their connections with other
gods; you can even draw a family tree if you’d like.
____/5 pts Colors - use colors that you think would add to the visual
representation of
your god/goddess. Example: Ares - god of war. Colors red/black?
____/5 pts Border - think of a border for your collage that would add to the
representation or symbolism.
____/5 pts Analysis – include meaningful paragraph for short blurbs to help the
audience understand your design choices. Consider additional pics, words, or
phrases that add to the god’s/goddess’s/character’s description.
Characters to Know
1. Zeus
22. Dionysus
2. Apollo
23. Persephone
3. Athena
24. Demeter
4. Aphrodite
25. Prometheus
5. Hera
26. Olympus
6. Ares
27. Aeneas
7. Hestia
28. Patroclus
8. Poseidon
29. The Sirens
9. Hades
30. Odysseus
10. Artemis
31. Perseus
11. Hermes
32. The Muses
12. Hephaestus
33. Jason and the Minotaur
13. Achilles
14. Agamemnon
15. Menalaus
16. Helen
17. Priam
18. Paris
19. Hector
20. Theseus
21. Hercules
Icarus and Daedalus