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41st Annual Conference of the
IEEE Industrial Electronics
Society IECON’15
9-12 November 2015, Yokohama, Japan
Special Session on
“Trust, Security, Privacy and Risk in Industrial
organized by
Principal Organizer: Prof Elizabeth Chang
([email protected])
Affiliation: University of New South Wales and Australian Defence Force
Academy (UNSW@ADFA), Australia
Dr Omar Hussain ([email protected])
Affiliation: University of New South Wales and Australian Defence Force
Academy (UNSW@ADFA), Australia
Dr Naeem Janjua (n.janjua
Affiliation: University of New South Wales and Australian Defence Force
Academy (UNSW@ADFA), Australia
Dr. Farookh Hussain ([email protected])
University Technology Sydney, Australia
Call for Papers
The emerging research in these areas includes trust in service-oriented industrial
applications and industrial environments; Privacy-preserving enabled industrial
informatics software systems; Risk assessment in service-oriented industrial
systems; and designing for information security in industrial informatics.
The work allows the notion of trust, privacy, risk and information security to be
carried through to any industrial application development environment, including
defence logistics and supply chains systems, automated industrial applications,
manufacturing systems and when coupled with sensors and actuators, it provides
information on real-world devices, objects, platforms and services, taking this notion
into the area of crucial software components for industrial informatics.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Risk identification and management in partnership (Commercial Logistics and
Defence Logistics)
Risk identification and management in Ad-hoc Situation Awareness (combat
Risk identification and management in procurement
Risk identification and management production and storages
Risk, Certainty and Uncertainty, identification and differentiation
International and National Standards of Risk Management
Risk models, modelling and simulation techniques and tools
Risk Identification, Assessment and Quantification techniques
Risk Evaluation, Management and Optimization approaches
Demand Driven logistics risk, cost and financial risk and human life casualty
Risk management standards
Risk Factors and Risk Dimensions identification for measurement and
Submission procedure, deadlines, and author instructions:
A manuscript submitted to the Special Session of IECON 2015 must be in the IEEE
double format with single space 10p fonts and figures included in the text, so the
length of the manuscript of 8 pages long in PDF format can be evaluated. For your
convenience you may download the WORD template.doc that will be made available
on the conference website:
 Reception of full paper:
 Paper acceptance notification:
 Camera ready paper reception:
April 15, 2015
June 15,2015
August 15, 2015
This Special Session is supported by the IEEE IES Technical Committee on
Industrial Informatics (
International Reviewers
Alex Talveski
Tharam Dillon
Morteza Sabari
Wing-Kuen Ling
Ernesto Damiani
Paolo Cervalo
Achim Karduck
George Fodor
Jaipal Singh
Mukesh Mohania