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Academic Promotion everything
you need to know (almost!)
Susan McNeill
Senior HR Advisor
Steps in the promotion process
Timetable announced (email)
Submissions to Head of School
end October
HoS reviews and submits to College HR
mid November
College HR check each submission and
write to Referees
1st College promotion panel meets
Steps in the promotion process
2nd College promotion panel meets
College HR write confirming outcomes
shortly after
each panel
Personal Chair applications to Central
Academic Promotions Committee
Central Academic Promotions Committee
University Senate/Court confirms
May / Jun
Successful promotions take effect
01 August
College Promotions Panel Membership
Prof. Sir John Savill Vice Principal and Head of College
Prof. Gareth Leng, HoS, School of Biomedical Sciences
Prof. Hilary Critchley, HoS, School of Clinical Sciences
Prof. Sarah Cunningham-Burley, HoS, School of Molecular Genetics &
Population Health Sciences
Prof. David Argyle, HoS, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Prof. David Hume, Director of the Roslin Institute
Prof. Nick Hastie, Director of the Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine
Prof. John Iredale, Dean of Clinical Medicine, Chair of Medicine
Dr Lorna Marsden – non-professorial member
Dr Fanney Kristmundsdottir, Equal Opportunities Member
Professorial representative from another College
UCU representative
Job matching form
Summary CV Form
Job Matching form
CV Summary Form
Full CV
Job matching form or Job Description
CV Summary Form
Full CV
Referee Nomination Form
As above
Referees / Assessors
Required for Promotion to UE09, Reader and Professor
Must be external to the University
2 referees are nominated by the applicant
2 assessors and 2 reserve assessors are nominated by the
International standing
Make sure contact details are current
Key Promotion Factors
Contribution to Teaching
Contribution to Research
Leadership and Management
Public/External Engagement
UE06 to UE07
Evidence of up to date expertise in your academic field
Effective contribution to high quality research or teaching
Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
Positive impact on the profile of the work in your Group or
UE07 to UE08
Your reputation at national level in your discipline. e.g. number and
quality of publications and citations or recognition of your work.
Evidence that you have designed and delivered research projects
and/or units of teaching or learning.
Evidence that you contribute to broader processes in the work of your
Group / Department.
Contribution to attracting funding/financial support for your work (or
other measure of impact).
Show how you represent the work of the University, e.g. public
engagement / activities, participation in relevant national networks,
UE08 to UE09
Evidence of developing techniques, standards and methods,
acting as a role-model for best practice.
Substantial reputation nationally and internationally for
research or teaching – reflected in sustained output, level of
innovation, impact on field. Extent of recognition within
academia and beyond, e.g. invitation to speak on Pedagogy at
major conferences
As appropriate to the field a sustained record in attracting
significant resources,
Demonstrable success in fostering a student-focused culture,
e.g. excellence as a Head of Subject area, nominations /
awards from students / EUSA
UE08 to UE09
Contribution to teaching / learning, e.g. programme
development, assessment exercises, examinations, projects,
innovations especially where those impact at College /
University-wide levels
Success in team leadership
Exemplars in Teaching
Membership or convenorship of a Teaching Programme Review
Leadership of a new practice in student support at School or
College level.
Sustained service on a major external committee or learned
Excellence as a Head of subject area or Director of Teaching
Publications / authorship of a text book
Invitations to speak at a major conference
Appointment as an external examiner
Commendations from external examiners
Exemplars in Teaching
External / Internal awards for teaching excellence
Leadership of new and significant international educational
links / or improvements to international student education
Leading improvements to the TPR process through
convenership of panels
Authorship of influential textbook(s)
Cited publications
Invitations to speak at major international conference(s) or
leading Institutions
Leading contribution to the review of teaching / QA in another
Exemplars in Research – UE08
Develop research proposals and submit funding
Win funding for independent research proposals
Attend and participate in relevant academic
conferences and meetings
Present work at national and international
academic meetings and in seminars at other
Membership of editorial boards of international
Exemplars in Research – UE09
Participate actively in the development of the unit’s research
Demonstrate and maintain research activity of high reputation in
the UK and internationally in the relevant academic field
Lead major funding bids and research activity in an area of
recognised excellence for the institution or specialist area
Evidence of a substantial reputation in the UK and internationally
for research or teaching, reflected in sustained output, level of
innovation, impact on the field and extent of recognition both within
academia and beyond.
Substantial track record of high quality & impact
research and publication
Significant success in securing grants / funding.
Invitations to present at prestigious national /
international conferences
Knowledge transfer
Editorial responsibilities
Membership of international bodies / professional
Citations of work
Prestigious awards /prizes
Public engagement
Innovation and leadership in clinical service
Personal Chair / Personal Chair in
Student Learning
Personal Chair (Title)
Outstanding achievement in research and scholarship
International recognition of achievements
Academic leadership
Personal Chair in Student Learning
Contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field of
learning at the highest level
Outstanding achievement in contribution to student learning
Academic leadership
Contribution Awards
Additional Increments / Contribution points
Grades UE06 –UE09
Not ready for promotion to next grade
Sustained excellent contribution, over and above the
normal expectations for your role, with expected
continuation at that level.
1 or 2 additional increments
Contribution Awards
Lump Sums
Single exceptional contribution, significantly over and above
the normal expectations for the role, rewarding a one-off
task or project
Award range £200 - £2,000
Special Circumstances
Maternity Leave
Ill Health
Caring Responsibilities
Feedback / Appeals
Panel Feedback
Appeals Process
Further Information