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June 24, 2017
To: Faculty and Staff
From: Scott R. Furlong, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Subject: Request for Pre-Proposals for UWGB Common Theme Experience 2016-2017
Our Common Theme for the past two years has been “Engaging Public Life” and there have
already been a number of events associated with the theme and more to follow in the coming
months. The purpose of the common theme is to allow faculty, academic staff, and students the
ability to focus on a general theme from multiple perspectives and have a campus-wide shared
experience. To date, I believe the common theme has provided unique opportunities for our
campus and community and has encouraged people and offices around campus to work together
in the development of, and engagement in the theme. It also has provided mechanisms for faculty
and staff to incorporate the theme into their classes and programs if they choose to do so.
There are a number of activities already planned for this year’s Common Theme including
UWGB Make a Difference Day, the UWGB Food Day Celebration, and more. You can see the
current listing of these activities at the Common Theme website at
In order to facilitate both development and planning, I am putting out the request for proposals
for the 2016-17 academic year common theme. Like in previous years, we are going to first
solicit pre-proposals which will be a short (one page or less) description of what you would like
to propose. The Common Theme Committee will then discuss these and ask for more developed
The pre-proposal should include the following information:
Title of the theme.
Short description of the theme and why it would be an appropriate theme for UW-Green
A few ideas regarding the types of activities/speakers/books that you would suggest as
part of the theme for the year.
Pre-proposals are due on or before November 6, 2015, and should be submitted to Scott Furlong,
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, at [email protected] The pre-proposals will be
discussed by the Common Theme Committee. You will be contacted regarding the submission
of more information based on those discussions. Decisions on proposals will be made and
communicated no later than January 15, 2016.
2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54311-7001
If you have any questions regarding the Common Theme proposals please contact me at
[email protected] or Associate Dean Donna Ritch ([email protected]).
Additional Information
How Might the Common Theme Work?
There are a number of potential ways of incorporating a common theme into the student
experience. Using “Food, Culture and Issues” as an example, here are a few ideas of how it
might be used on campus:
The campus could commit to a common reading such as the book Fast Food Nation.
This book can be used as a primer to further discussion of the theme both on and off
campus. We could have different faculty from across campus lecture on the different
elements of the book (e.g., policy making, issues of immigration, food safety,
marketing, ethics) and encourage an interdisciplinary discussion.
Faculty can commit some amount of their class time where they will intentionally
address the theme. For example:
o A public policy class can discuss the issue of food safety and the role of
government in regulating this issue;
o An environmental science class could discuss the impact that global
warming may have on growing seasons and crops in the U.S. and world;
o A psychology class may examine issues of obesity, bulimia, anorexia and
other eating disorders;
o Nutritional science classes have a very clear tie in with the theme.
The campus already runs a “Cultural Cuisine” series and the theme could explicitly
tie into this event.
Campus-wide speakers such as a book author or other programming (e.g., the
Freshman 15) could be brought to campus. Campus resources may be available for
speakers and programming that explicitly address the theme. Faculty can require or
encourage participation in these activities.
UWGB’s Center for Food in Community and Culture might sponsor a series of
campus and community events.
First Year Seminar classes can use the theme as a common discussion point, and
promote the activities related to the theme within their classes.
The campus could develop a film series around the Common Theme. Examples might
o Supersize Me
o Like Water for Chocolate
o Babette’s Feast
o Soylent Green
One (or more) of the Theatre productions could relate to the theme (e.g., The Art of
Dining or Gut Girls).
Request for Proposals (this will be the information requested if pre-proposal is selected)
The Deans of Liberal Arts and Studies and Professional Studies are soliciting proposals for a
UWGB Common Theme that would be implemented during the 2016-2017 academic year. The
proposal should address the following elements:
Theme proposed lends itself to interdisciplinary analysis and conversation
Theme proposed is of high academic caliber and conducive to scholarly dialogue
Theme proposed lends itself to collaborative links across the campus (student affairs,
academic affairs, and community engagement)
Theme/Text proposed is accessible, yet potentially engaging, for students and community
Proposal suggests possible contributors, speakers, and participants for a Common Theme
structured around the suggested theme
Proposal suggests possible media, books, etc. that potentially connect to the proposed