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Forensic Science Chapter 6 Questions – alcohol and toxicology
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1. What is the job of forensic toxicologists?
2. What is the most heavily abused drug in Western countries of the world?
3. Trace the alcohol pathway through the human body.
4. How is alcohol eliminated from the body (3 ways)?
5. What is the principal way to test humans for alcohol intake?
6. What non-instrumental method do police use to test for driving impairment ?
7. List the 3 physical impairment tests and what the police look for in each test.
8. What 2 things must be added to blood samples ?
9. What is the current federal legal measure of drunk driving in the USA?
10. What is an implied - consent law?
11. How long can hair be used to test for drugs?
12. How are heavy metals tested for in the human body?
13. How does carbon monoxide kill humans?
14. How is carbon monoxide used as indicator to determine if a fire death victim is
really a murder victim ?
15. What is the job of the Drug Recognition Expert ?