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Test (1) Essay
Name: Ahmad Binali
Course: TECH 320
Clear Cutting
Logging is a practice that involves trees cutting for purposes of sale in terms of pulp
for making paper products or timber for making furniture and building homes. Clear cutting
is a category of logging, which is not selective as compared to the selective category. The
name denotes forest clearing because loggers’ interest lies on all wood types. Therefore,
regardless of the size and usability, all trees in an area are cleared. Clear cutting is a menace
to environmental practices and measures of conservation and this article will focus against
the practice. Activists have relied information concerning the practice and an in-depth
analysis will be established in order to show their negative effects.
Clear cutting is a practice that needs to be stopped because it leads to the loss of
nutrients in the soil. As a result, this causes damage to soils in the tropical rain forest and thus,
species in the forest will be deprived of their food, destruction of animal habitat, and shelter.
For example, the fish die off due to elevation temperatures on streams and in turn, local rivers
are altered. In addition, fish species are also driven from their habitat due to soil erosion
(Rajala 116). The species being talked about here can be endangered and this also affects the
local food chain of the ecosystem because the surrounding areas are also clear cut or even are
filled with human inhabitants. The water cycle in the ecosystem is also interfered with and
this causes problems to the human inhabitants and animal species in land and sea.
As we know, trees help in filtering air pollutants, but upon clearing the forests, the
atmosphere’s quality is tampered. In addition, trees play an important role in the carbon cycle,
which loggers need to conceptualize before clear cutting or burning forests. To
environmentalists, this is a direct impact since the earth is scorched, which results in an
Test (1) Essay
increase of pollutants. Pollution brings about health hazards that affect the growth and health
of individuals and thus, it is clear that by performing clear cutting practices, the lives of
people are at a risk (Steen and Guth 316). Another aspect that needs to be considered is
increase in flooding due to the lack of top cover. These floods and even landslides cause
people to loss their lives and property. The soil and silt (sedimentation) causes clouding in the
water, which prevents water animals and species from laying eggs and making their nests.
For example, salmon fish enjoys laying their eggs and making their nests in small pebbles. In
essence, this causes serious environmental damage and affects the economy.
In conclusion, clear cutting is a practice that needs to be discouraged because it causes
damage to the environment. The summary of negative points presented in this article
articulates why the paper is against clear cutting. It is vital for environmentalists to campaign
and create awareness on the negative sides of clear cutting.
Test (1) Essay
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