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Name KEY
Your midterm is Friday, 11/1
English 9, pd 4 – Midterm Review
PART I – Units 1-3 vocab test (90 multiple choice questions)
PART II – parts of speech
Be able to identify nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, &
Sample sentences:
Identify the part of speech for each italicized word
1.)I ate breakfast and ran to the bus.
a) noun
b) pronoun
c) verb
d) adjective
2) I ate breakfast and ran to the bus.
a) noun
b) pronoun
c) verb
d) adjective
3) I ate breakfast and ran to the bus.
a) noun
b) pronoun
c) verb
d) adjective
4) I quickly ate breakfast and went back to bed.
a) noun
b) adjective
c) adverb
d) preposition
Part III – asks you to read a short story (1 ½ pages), answer comprehension questions,
and identify all aspects of the plotExposition- The first stage of the plot where setting and characters are introduced.
Rising Action- a conflict is introduced. There are increasing complications and
suspense is created.
Climax- the highest point of tension and the turning point in the conflict and story
Falling Action- shows the result of the climax and tension is lessened as the
consequences of the climax are seen
Resolution- the final outcome of the story, the conflict is over.
Part II continued
Literary terms –
irony – a special kind of contrast between appearance and reality
Situational irony- when the opposite of what is expected occurs
Verbal irony- when a character knowingly says one thing, but means the opposite
Dramatic irony- when the reader or viewer knows something that the character(s) do
not know
Theme – a message about life that the author wants the reader to understand
Imagery- the author’s use of descriptive words and phrases that recreate a sensory
experience for the reader.
Part IV – The Odyssey You will be given an excerpt of The Odyssey and must
multiple choice questions about it
Part V – miscellaneous questions about epics, hero journey and Percy Jackson
What is an epic? A long poem that tells a story about a larger than life figure who goes
on an amazing journey to many fantastic places, encountering many obstacles and
1) How is Odysseus an example of an epic hero? List 3 ways
Odysseus is a larger than life figure who goes on a long journey (10 years fighting Trojan
War, 10 years to get home)
Odysseus must battle monsters to get home
Odysseus is helped and hindered by the Gods
Odysseus demonstrates great loyalty, courage, and guile
2) How does the plot in The Odyssey represent that of an epic?
The Odyssey has an epic hero (Odysseus), involves many fantastic lands, monsters,
include archetypes like a wicked temptress (Calypso & Circe), includes interference by
Gods and Goddesses (divine intervention), has epic themes of courage & loyalty
3) What is an example of Odysseus’s self-confidence interfering with his
He insists on staying and seeing Cyclops, then he could have made a
clean getaway but instead yells back to the Cyclops revealing their
position. He also tells the Cyclops his name which allows the Cyclops
to get Poseidon to curse his journey
4) What is an example of a God or Goddess helping or hindering
Odysseus’s journey? Athena asks Zeus to help Odysseus get home in
Book I, Zeus sends Hermes to tell Calypso to let him go, Calypso
helps him build a raft, Athena gives Odysseus sleep on Scheria,
Part IV-The hero journey
1) How does Percy Jackson fit the criteria of a classical hero?
He is of noble birth (son of Poseidon), he does not know his father &
mom is taken(orphan)
He has faithful companions (Grover and Annabeth)
He has a mentor (Mr. Bruner or Chiron)
He is able to hold his breath under water for a long time, is able to read
Greek, is impulsive/makes quick decisions
He has a weapon (riptide)
He is in harmony with nature – can be healed and strengthened by water
2) What is Percy’s quest?
Percy needs to travel to the Underworld to find his mom and clear his name
3) What knowledge does Percy gain on his quest?
Percy discovers who the real lightening thief is, he also discovers that
he is truly the son of Poseidon and makes peace with his true father, he
becomes confident in his abilities as a demi god. He also figures out
where he belongs (he never fit in with the mortals)