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Air and Weather
Weather Instruments
1. A thermometer is used to measure __________.
2. A rain gauge is used to measure the amount of
3. An anemometer is used to measure the _________
of the wind.
4. A wind vane is used to measure the ____________
of the wind.
direction speed temperature precipitation
_____________is very cold and may be snowy.
_____________ is when buds start growing on the
trees and the rain helps plants start growing again.
_____________ is very warm and sunny.
_____________ is when the leaves start to change
colors and the temperature starts getting cool.
Spring Winter Summer Fall
Solar System
1. At night you may see the __________ in the sky
as it reflects the suns light.
2. It takes one ___________ for the Earth to rotate on
its axis.
3. There are more __________ in the sky then you
can count.
4. The ________ warms our air.
Sun Stars Moon Day
1. Air is a __________.
2. Air takes up ____________ . It is a form of matter.
3. Compressed air builds up _________ against the
sides of the balloon.
4. The balloon rocket moves when the compressed air
is _____________.
5. We used a _________ tubing to connect two
6. We can not see ________ but we can sometimes
feel it.
7. Air is ___________ so we do not see it.
8. A syringe is made up of a ______________,
_______________, and ______________.
barrel released gas flexible invisible air
plunger space rubber-stopper pressure