Download Poems for Reader`s Workshop Ducks on a Winter Night By Georgia

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Poems for Reader’s Workshop
Ducks on a Winter Night
By Georgia Heard
Ducks asleep
on the banks of the pond
tuck their bills
into feathery quills,
making their beds
to keep warm in.
Inside Turtle’s Shell
By Joanne Ryder
Turtle dreams
he is young
hunting in a wood
of tall trees,
so many trees
only the birds
could see
the wide blue sky.
everyone was hidden
in the dark cool world
under the leaves
under the trees.
And turtle dreams
of the days
the tall trees fell
and he hid in his shell
each time
the ground shook.
But that was long ago,
nearly a hundred years.
only turtle
the cool darkness of trees.
Rich Lizard
By Deborah Chandra
The rich lizard
shed his skin
of silver coins,
dropping them
in the dry grass.
Strange-wild thoughts
shook him
warming his blood
to grander things
and he tore himself
looseran off,
leaving behind
his wealth of cold coins.
like a sweet
it spins itself
A storm
caught on a paper cone.
I hold it up,
the air grows
thick and
with the smell of it.
A pink wind
made of sugar
and smoke,
earth crust
delicious dust!
*The name of this poem is “Cotton Candy” by Deborah Chandra. Tell the students the title after you
have read it.