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Math Replacement Update
April 15, 2016
Topics Covered
Topics Covered
Students use Multiplication/Division
Diagrams to help organize
information in number stories and
write number models for the
Students review the role of ONE,
and to explore mixed-number
concepts. They name, and convert
between, mixed numbers and
improper fractions.
Students explore the multiples-of-10
strategy as one of many ways to
solve equal-grouping division
number stories
Students use multiple strategies to
show equivalent fractions, compare
pairs of fractions, and continue their
exploration of fraction addition.
Students learn and practice a paperand-pencil algorithm for division that
permits them to build up the
quotient by working with easy
Coming Up
Final full week of PARCC testing
Solve division number stories and
interpret remainders
Use arrays to model division
Form angles of a given measure
Investigate the relationship between
rotations and degrees.
Students review how to plot ordered
number pairs on a rectangular
coordinate grid. They plot and name
vertices of polygons. Students also
explore the relationship between the
coordinates of the endpoints and
midpoints of line segments.
Students review geometry
vocabulary terminology with an
emphasis on angles, polygon
shapes, and the coordinate grid.
Students explore and apply the
special relationships between
angles that are formed when
parallel lines are cut by a
Students review addition and
subtraction of fractions with like and
unlike denominators.
Coming Up
- - - - Week of April 18 - - - 
- - - - Week of April 25 - - - 
Coming Up
- - - - Week of April 18 - - - 
Students change fractions to
equivalent fractions having
denominators of 10 or 100 and then
rename these fractions as decimals.
Topics Covered
Final full week of PARCC testing
Organize data using a picture,
graph, line plot, table, and list
Identify data landmarks for data
- - - - Week of April 18 - - - 
- - - - Week of April 25 - - - 
Use clock models and pencil-andpaper algorithms to add and
subtract fractions
Use common denominators to add
and subtract fraction pairs
Final full week of PARCC testing
Identify the absolute value of
rational numbers
Define and find reciprocal of a
- - - - Week of April 25 - - - 
Review addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division of both
positive and negative numbers
Write a special case to illustrate a
general pattern
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