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Unit 5: Africa Review Packet
You are responsible for knowing the definitions to the following terms:
Stateless societies
Hunter-gathering societies
Know who the following people are:
 Sundiata
 Mansa Musa
 Ibn Batuta
 Sunni Ali
 Askia Muhammad
 Bantus
Make sure you can answer the following:
1. Provide 3 details about how the geography of Africa impacted the movement of
2. Explain how Bantu migrations were affected by domestication?
3. What was the wealthiest city in the Swahili city-states? Describe why it was so
4. Why did trade thrive in the Swahili city-states? How did Islam impact these citystates?
5. What do historians know about Great Zimbabwe? Look at your History Denied video
guide! Q’s 7, 13-15
6. Describe the details of the gold-salt trade of West Africa. What two groups of people
needed these items? Why were these items needed?
7. Describe the kingdom of Ghana. Why was it so wealthy? What caused its decline?
8. How did the use of camels affect the history of West Africa?
9. List 2 characteristics that describe Sundiata
10. Compare the empire of Mali to the Mali of today that you saw in the video The Road
to Timbuktu.
11. Describe Mansa Musa’s hajj. Where did he stop along the way, what did he do there
and why was this stop so important?
12. Describe Mansa Musa and his reign as king of Mali. Why did the empire decline
after his decline?
13. Describe Timbuktu. Where was it located?
14. In both the Kingdoms of Mali and Songhai, who is converting to Islam and how is
the spreading of Islam in West Africa changing traditional society?
15. Summarize the observations that Ibn Batuta made about Africa
a. Swahili city-sates
b. Empire of Mali
16. Describe the empire of Songhai under the leadership of Askia Muhammad.
17. Songhai declined for many reasons. Describe them.
18. Know the answers to the following questions from your History Denied video guide:
2, 5, 10, 11.