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Presentations and Papers - 2007 Presentations
3D Modeling in the structurally complex Okwori field (offshore Nigeria)
by Peter Kuhn, Proseis
The Okwori field (OPL90, offshore Nigeria) comprises a series of stacked individual oil and/or
gas reservoirs, occurring at multiple levels within a growth fault induced rollover anticline, at
depths between 3,800 and 11,000 ft tvdss. Due to a combination of predominant east-west
and some north-south trending faults, the detailed structuration, controlling the individual
block shapes and sizes, is highly complex and creates many problems for a 3D geological
model. By using the Gocad 3D modeling software, it was possible to establish a single ‘metamodel’ that includes 24 reservoirs affected by more than 140 faults.
About the author
Peter Kuhn (*1967) received his M.Sc. degree in geophysics from the ETH in 1993 and then
joined Proseis AG in Zurich. He worked as a petrophysicist and reservoir modeler for various
project in Europe and Western Africa.