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Press Release
EWEA Offshore – Hall 3.1 Stand A53
Cathelco exhibit advanced wind turbine corrosion protection system
Cathelco, the specialists in impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems for
offshore wind turbines, are exhibiting for the first time at EWEA Offshore.
Their corrosion protection system has been specifically designed for the offshore
wind turbine market and has many advantages over the more traditional types of
sacrificial anode systems.
The system consists of an arrangement of anodes and reference electrodes which
are wired to a thyristor control panel. In operation, the reference electrodes measure
the electrical potential at the metal/seawater interface and send a signal to the
control panel which increases or decreases the output to the anodes accordingly.
This ensures that the structure receives the optimum level of corrosion protection.
An important feature of ICCP systems is that they have a much higher driving
voltage than sacrificial anodes. This enables the current to reach a depth of up to 5
metres below the seabed, extending the protection to the buried foundations of the
“A key benefit to operators is that the performance of the system can be monitored
remotely. There is no need to send engineers to take readings on each turbine, as all
of the information can be accessed on land”, said Mark Jones, offshore wind farm
sales manager at Cathelco.
The system can be monitored and controlled from a central control room via an
Ethernet connection. Over a period of time, this allows adjustments to be made to
anode outputs, if it should become necessary. In addition, the condition of the
system can be monitored remotely over the Internet from any location.
The guiding principle in the design of the anodes and reference electrodes has been
to provide greater flexibility for installation. Small and lightweight in design, they can
be positioned to achieve the best possible distribution of the current field, avoiding
areas of ‘shading’ on complex jacket structures.
“Our systems provide reduced capital costs in comparison with sacrificial anode
systems. There are also savings in maintenance because the ICCP anodes have a
life of up to 25 years”, Mark Jones concluded.
Cathelco have over 50 years experience in marine engineering and are world
leaders in the design of corrosion protection systems for ships and offshore
structures with a record of more than 20,000 installations.
For further information contact:Cathelco Ltd,
Marine House, Dunston Road,
Chesterfield S41 8NY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1246 457900 Fax: +44 (0)1246 457901
Email: [email protected] Web:
Press enquiries: Richard Woolley (Email [email protected])