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Ms. Tongol
Make a Board Game on Ancient Greek Culture & History
(25 points possible)
*Reference sources: History Alive Chapters 26-31, Library, and On-line Research*
Board: Use poster board paper, and decorate it with Ancient Greece themed designs, symbols, pictures or
drawings. If you want to preserve your board you can laminate your board at any Lakeshore Learning
Store, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot (Lakeshore is cheapest),
Question & Answer Trivia Cards: Make a set of cards covering the following topics:
 Olympics,
 Gods and Goddesses,
 Athenians,
 Spartans,
 Democracy
-Use History Alive chapters 26-31 to find vocabulary and facts to place on your cards.
-Your information needs to be accurate, so that players will not be able to argue that
your answers are wrong.
-Questions and answer must be on one side of the card, the other side of the cards
should have a design or symbol matching the topic (Olympics, Gods, Spartans, etc)
Winning Reward or Token: There should be some system of rewards (whether tokens, advancing on the
game board, or winning important Greek riches along the way. There should be a way to win)
Rules: Make up a set of rules and write them up as directions for how to play
Extra (not required) : you may include additional features in your game (dice, figures,etc.)
Option 2
Diorama and Oral Presentation (25 points possible)
Make a 3D diorama of one of the following:
A scene depicting a story of the Greek Gods and Goddesses
A scene depicting a battle of the Spartans
A scene depicting democracy in Athens
A scene depicting the Ancient Greek Olympics
A scene depicting artists doing Greek Art and Theatre
Oral Presentation
Depending on the topic you chose above, you will dress up as a character from the diorama (a Greek God
or Goddess, a Spartan soldier, an Athenian politician or voting citizen, an Olympic athlete, or a Greek
You will take on the persona of the character, and prepare a speech describing the scene and your story.
Writing must be neat and submitted with diorama. Make sure you include facts from the History Alive
chapter (facts should explain your way of life, or the importance your influence has on Greek culture)
Its a three dimensional work - A shoebox diorama is a complete world and it is three dimensional. This
is one of the appeals of a shoebox diorama. When you are designing and making it keep in mind that it is
not a flat piece of art. It is three dimensional. Don't be afraid to take up all the space from front to back.
This adds a level of excitement to it.
It should tell a story - A shoebox diorama is not just a pretty scene; try to take it to another level and
create a story with it. Picture in your mind one particular moment in time in the life of the character or
characters in the scene. What is happening? What is the story? Adding a story to your diorama gives it a
little something extra that people will enjoy
Your only limit is your imagination - Use whatever materials you would like to use. Create whatever
kind of scene you would like to create. Don't be bashful.
You can't just start making one - Before you can start making your diorama you have to have a plan.
Draw out some rough sketches. Start drawing ideas of your scene. Move the objects in the scene around.
Remember that it is three dimensional. Look for unique perspectives.
A good tip - Draw a variety of objects for your scene then cut them out. Lay them out on a piece of paper
and rearrange them to see what they would look like. Remember that you are making a three dimensional
scene so overlap items. Look for unique perspectives.
Students who did not turn in SCR/ECR for ‘Girls’, MUST COMPLETE it over Spring Break, or risk
not passing second semester of English.
Missing Classwork and Homework Points: Read or re-read a fiction or narrative book or novel over
Spring Break, create a book cover book report (handouts passed out in class Friday 3/26)