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World War One Debate (40 points)
Central Question: Why did the United States enter into World War I?
Possible Causes for US entry into the war:
Submarine Warfare
Neutrality and Economic Pressure
Directions: Each group will select a possible cause to support. Based on assigned
readings and outside resources you will attempt to prove to the class that the singular
cause for US entry into WWI was the theory you have been assigned. Your debate will
be divided into three parts:
Opening Statement: Overview of your argument outlining the evidence to support your
assigned theory.
Refutation of opponent’s cases: Reasons supporting why the correct theory is not the
ones being argued by your opponents.
Closing Statement/Rebuttal: Restatement of primary evidence and an opportunity to
refute evidence against your theory brought out by opponents.
Each section of the debate will be graded on a ten point scale. Points will be given for
accurate historical arguments, the use of factual data to support your arguments, and for
clear well prepared presentations. All group members must participate equally in the
class presentation portion of the debate. Group grades will be cumulative and all
members will receive the same score.
Your Topic: _______________________________________________________
Group Members:
1. _______________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________
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