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“A Sound of Thunder”
Ray Bradbury
Close Reading Step 7
Text Dependent Questions
Mrs. Rouille
Answer each of the following questions in complete sentences that reference the question in
the answer. Don’t skimp on your answers. Use as much information as you can from the story
to support your answers.
1. How do you feel about the ending? Does Eckels deserve his fate?
Explain in as much detail as possible using facts from the story to
support your opinion.
2. Do you sympathize with Eckels? Why or why not?
3. What message is the author trying to across with this story? What is
the theme?
4. Do you believe that such a small change in the past can have a large
impact in the future as in A Sound of Thunder?
5. There are two instances where the title of the story appears in the
text. Which instance do you believe the title of the story is referring
6. What kind of business does Time Safari, Inc. operate? Be specific.
7. Describe two things Time Safari Inc. does to ensure that they do not
change the past.
8. What does Eckels do that changes Time? Be specific.
9. Describe three things that are different when Eckels returns to his
own time?
10. What can we infer happens to Eckels at the end of the story?
“It has been said that something as
small as the flutter of a butterfly's
wings can ultimately cause a
typhoon halfway around the world”
the phenomenon whereby a small
change at one place in a complex system
can have large effects elsewhere