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Healthy Relationships and Sexuality
Instructions: Using the booklet provided in class, find the answers to the
following questions.
Lesson 1. Being a Teen
1. Define consequences. ___________________________________
2. A consequence of dropping out of school may be a ____________
Lesson 2. Adolescence
3. Name 3 physical changes that take place in males during
4. Name 3 physical changes that take place in females during
5. Mood swings are a result of _____________ changes and are a
natural part of being a teen.
Lesson 3. Relationships and Love
6. Three skills that are essential to any healthy relationship are:
a. ________________
b. ________________
c. ________________
7. Abstinence is defined as_________________________________.
Lesson 4. The Male Reproductive System
8. The main function of the male reproductive system is to produce
Lesson 5. The Female Reproductive System
9. Like the male reproductive system, the female reproductive
system’s main function is ___________________.
10. A myth (untrue statement) about menstruation is that it is shameful
and embarrassing. The fact is that menstruation is a ___________
and _____________ body function.
Lesson 6. Responsible Relationships
11. Problems with teen sex includes what 4 things?
12. A _________________ is a birth control device.
13. Which method is 100% effective in avoiding pregnancy and
Lesson 7. Marriage and Parenthood
14. A __________________ is a promise or pledge. A marriage is
one of the biggest ones a person every makes.
15. Besides being “in love,” another important ingredient is getting
married is each partner’s emotional ________________.
16. Scientists who study marriage say that these factors are important:
 Age (at least _______ years old or older)
 Independence (having a _________ and knowing
how to budge ____________ and make good
 Belief in marriage
 Approval of ______________
 Being responsible
 Knowing each other well
 Having ________________ skills
 Having a ________________ attitude.
17. One one out of every __________ teen marriages lasts.
Lesson 8. Pregnancy and Childbirth
18. During the first 2 months of pregnancy, the developing unborn bay
is called an ________________. After this period and through the
time of birth, the term _______________ is used.
19. Prenatal care is important because__________________________
Lesson 9. STD’s and HIV/AIDS
20. The most common of all bacterial STDs is _________________.
21. Genital _______________ are small growths or bumps that form
on the sex organs.
22. Scientists have identified more than ________ strains of human
papillomavirus (HPV), the virus that causes genital warts. Several
of these are high-risk forms that have been lined to cervical and
genital cancers.
23. Genital herpes is an _________________ STD caused by the
herpes simplex virus.
24. ___________________ is an STD caused by bacteria that live
mostly in the male’s urethra and the female’s vagina.
25. The deadliest of all STDs is caused by a ___________ that was
unknown before 1981. It is called HIV. The final and most
serious stage of HIV infection is called ____________.
26. True or False (circle one) HIV is spread through kissing.
27. True or False (circle one) HIV is spread through insect bites.
28. True or False (circle one) HIV is spread through sexual contact.
29. True or False (circle one) HIV is spread by sharing needles.
30. True or False (circle one) AIDS cannot be cured.