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4. first five books of the Bible
8. the second king of Israel, famous for defeating Goliath
9. a man from the Hebrew tribe who is considered the father of three world religions
(Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
11. a type of prayer in which we ask God for something
12. another name for the Pentateuch, meaning “Law”
1. library of books made up of the Old Testament (46 books) and New Testament (27 books)
2. belief in only one God
3. gift from God that allows us to choose whether or not to sin
5. agreement between God and His people; Christians see Jesus as the fulfillment of this
6. central act of worship for Catholics
7. David’s son; a king of Israel known for his wisdom
10. type of Old Testament literature that includes psalms, wisdom, and proverbs
11. type of Old Testament books that focus on the ministry of those who speak for God
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4. an in credibly addictive depressant which can be snorted, injected, or smoked
6. fatal type of liver damage caused by alcohol or hepatitis (B and C)
9. a drug also known as the “date rape drug”
11. the name God revealed Himself as when He spoke to Moses from a burning bush
13. also known as letters, these books of the New Testament often give advice about how
to live a Christian life
1. glands that produce sperm
2. ability to reproduce
3. organ in which a child develops
5. the favorite of Jacob’s twelve sons, who saved Egypt and eventually his own family
from famine
7. STD that can be prevented through a vaccine (though not all strains) and can cause
8. the meeting of sperm and egg, which occurs in the fallopian tubes
10. belief that there is no god(s)
12. STD that affects approximately one in 5 adults and cannot be cured