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3. A copper wire of O.14mm diameter and 90cm length has been bent into a square­
shaped dosed loop, lying in the x - y-plane. The loop is subjected to a time-dependent
homogeneous magnetic field B(t) parallel to the z-direction, with z-component Bz(t) = bt
changing at a constant rate b = -0.951' Is.
t<. CO~l'(7r 141t'~e
(a) Find the induced voltage (induced "EMF") [; in the loop! Does the induced current
driven by that voltage around the loop flow clockwise or counter-clockwise, in the
drwaing shown above?
(b) ThE: resistivity of copper is 1.70 x 10- 8 [2 '111. Find the amount of heat generated in
the loop by the induced current between times to = Os and t 1 = 4.5s1 [Hint: In casc
you cannot solve (a): assume [. = O.SY]