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July 2, 2015
Engineering Physics
Student Colloquium Series
Benchtop fabrication of multi-scale microelectromagnets for capturing magnetic particles
Amin Hosseini
Micro-electromagnets hold great promise for integration into portable and handheld labon-a- chip systems applicable to point-of-care disease management. Two major
requirements must be satisfied in order for such devices to be applicable into practical,
miniaturized, and portable biomedical instrumentation: low power operation and low-cost
fabrication. Here, we use numerical modeling combined with a lithography-free fabrication
process to create micro-electromagnets on a polymer substrate.
Amorphous Semiconductors: importance,
applications and bandgap formation
Giacomo Bosco
Amorphous materials have attracted some attention in the last few decades. First
because their many industrial applications (going from solar cells, thin film
transistors, light sensors etc.) and, second, for the lack of understanding from many
of its properties. In this short talk I will give a short overview of Amorphous
Semiconductors importance showing some of its applications and give a special
attention to its electronic properties in order to give a qualitative picture of bandgap
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