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Chapter 20
Lesson Quiz A
Cycles of Matter
Multiple Choice
Directions: On the line before each question or statement, write the letter of the correct answer.
1. Where does water move in the water cycle?
A. from grass to cows and back
B. from oceans to land and back
C. from Earth to its atmosphere and back
2. Which element do all living things contain?
A. iron
B. carbon
C. mercury
is released into the atmosphere when people
drive cars.
A. Oxygen
B. Bacteria
C. Carbon dioxide
Matching Set 1
4. liquid water changes into water vapor
A. condensation
5. water falls from clouds to the ground
B. evaporation
6. water vapor changes into liquid water
C. precipitation
Matching Set 2
7. primary source of oxygen in the atmosphere
D. greenhouse effect
8. helps control temperature on Earth
E. nitrogen fixation
9. produces nitrogen living things can use
F. photosynthesis
Matter and Energy in the Environment
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Directions: On the line before each definition, write the letter of the term that matches it correctly. Each term is
used only once.