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Letters to the Editor
POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Aug 02, 2012
For Thursday, August 2, 2012
Don't rely on cats to solve rat problem
Karen Sisler's suggestion to use cats to curtail Hawaii's rat population is well intentioned but misinformed ("Use cats
to control isles rat problem," Star-Advertiser, Letters, July 30). Indeed, Hawaii needs fewer outdoor cats, not more.
Cats are an invasive species that threatens our native birds, many of which are endangered. The American Bird
Conservancy estimates that up to 500 million birds are killed annually by domestic and feral cats in the U.S. alone.
But birds aren't the only ones at risk. Outdoor cats have been shown to live shorter lives — victims of cars, dog
attacks and other cats. Unvaccinated feral cats also pose a hazard to humans by serving as vectors for diseases such
as rabies and toxoplasmosis.
"Trap, neuter and release" does not address the issue of cat predation. Outdoor cats should not be seen as a solution
to the rat problem, but a problem in itself.
Marc Nakashima
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29/08/2012 13:22 PM