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Sample Four Year Plan for Teaching Mathematics
Fall First Year Courses
Math 150A Calculus I (4)
Spring First Year Courses
Math 150B Calculus II (4)
Fall Second Year Courses
Math 250A Calculus III (4)
Spring Second Year Courses
Math 250B Introduction to Linear Algebra
and Differential Equations (4)
Math 335 Mathematical Probability (3)
Math 280 Strategies of Proof (3)
Fall Third Year Courses
Math 302 Modern Algebra (3)
Math 307 Linear Algebra (3)
Math 338 Statistics Applied to Natural Sciences (4)
Spring Third Year Courses
Math 350 Real Analysis (3)
Math 380 History of Mathematics (3)
Math 320 Introduction to Mathematical
Computation (3)
Fall Fourth Year Courses
Math 401 Algebra and Probability for the Secondary
Teacher (3)
Math 414 or 471
Spring Fourth Year Courses
Math 402 Logic and Geometry for the Secondary
Teacher (3)
Math 407,417, or 430