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Chemistry 161
Lab 8 - VSEPR - 1
Prelab Questions:
(1) Draw the Lewis structures of the following compounds:
(a) GeH4 (b) PH3 (c) H2Se (d) AsCl5
(e) ClF3 (f) XeF2 (g) SF6 (h) BrF5
(2) What does the word “VSEPR” stand for?
In this lab you will study molecular geometry using VSEPR.
At the beginning of the lab you will be given a summary sheet that includes a list of molecules. You will
have to draw their Lewis structures.
You will use your Lewis structures to build your molecules using both the computer program and the balland-stick model. The Instructions about the use of the computer program and the set of ball-and-stick
model will be provided at the beginning of the lab.
Your task will be to fill out your summary sheet based on the results of your activities.
Questions :
(1) Explain why a lone pair of electrons might take up more space than the bonding pair.
(2) If you are using the ball-and-stick model, what does each ‘ball’ represent? Each “stick”?
(3) Draw the Lewis structure of O3 with a O-O-O backbone and with a cyclic backbone (three oxygen
atoms in a ring). Discuss VSEPR of both structures. Discuss the bond angles. Can you tell which
structure is more stable?
Your summary sheet has to be filled out and taped to the notebook. The postlab will also include the
answers to the questions.