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Uses of
In this network, computers are
connected to a central hub or
What is Star Network?
In this network, computers are
connected to the same central
connection and if that connection
dies, so do all the computers
What is Bus Network?
This network forms a circle of
connected computers
What is Ring Network?
This network can span a larger
distance that a bus network , but is
more difficult to install
What is Ring Network?
If one node fails on this network,
only that node is affected
What is Star Network?
Another name for a client
What is node?
Another name for a server
What is host?
You should set up this type of
network if you have more than 10
What is Client Server
In this network, each computer
needs to be updated separately
What is Peer-to-Peer?
The design of computers in a
network sometimes is called this
and can be client server or peer to
What is Client Architecture?
This cable has a solid copper core
surrounded by three layers
What is Coaxial Cable?
With this type of cable, the strands
are called optical fiber and are as
thin as human hair
What is fiber optic cable?
This is a set of standards for
digital transmission of data over
standard copper telephone lines
What is ISDN?
In this type of cable, the wires are
What is twisted pair or ethernet?
A DSL _______ sends data from
a computer to a DSL line and
receives data from a DSL line
What is a modem?
When people work from home
instead of heading into the office
What is Telecommuting?
Another name for determining the
location of items and uses at least
3 of the 24 satellites.
What is GPS Global Positioning
This is a type of home network
that controls the electricity, heat
and security from a remote
What is Intelligent Home Network?
This is a conversation that takes
places over the Internet using the
phone lines
What is Internet Telephony?
This allows users to transfer
money from one account to
What is EFT Electronic Funds
The name of the person
overseeing the network is called
What is a Network Administrator?
Name 3 types of servers that can
be set up for specific functions
What is a print, file, database or
network server?
A network that covers a large
geographical area is called this.
What is WAN?
A network that covers a
classroom or small office is called
What is LAN?
The largest network is called this
What is the Internet?
When a computer sends data over
the Internet it is divided into
small pieces or
What are packets?
This type of device accepts the
transmission of data or
What is a receiving device?
This type of device initiates an
instruction to transmit data or
What is a sending device?
For best network performance,
bandwidth should be _______ and
latency should be ________
What is high and low?
This is the name of the adapter
card that enables computers to
connect to a network
What is a NIC card?
Network Interface Card
Final Jeopardy
What is RFID technology and give three uses