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Web Design And
Week 1
Introduction To Module
 Web
 How they are created
 How they are used
 What is needed to run a web site
 What impacts the web has on
Introduction To Teaching Team
 First
Point of contact –
Ivailo Chakarov
 Other points of contact
– your personal Tutor
Module Layout
 1 practical
 Self Directed Reading / Learning
The Assignment
Produce storyboards and a flow chart using the principles
shown in the lecture.
Implement the web site of 10 screens .
Graphics you have created yourself
Web pages compliant to at least XHTML 1.0 Transitional
A style sheet that is compliant to at least CSS Level 1
Hosted on the intranet / internet
Validated using W3C Validator
Valid HCI for the target audience
At least one page that utilises server-side technology
An introduction of your topic
Justification of your style and design choices
Where and how you have deployed your web site
A report on the history, present and future of the internet,
mainly focusing on web pages and their use to local
Introduction To The Internet
What is The Internet ?
“A big BIG world of information
accessible to everyone! “
“A global network connecting millions
of computers. Hundreds of countries
are linked into exchanges of data,
news and opinions.”
What is the Internet?
 Interconnected
set of networks
–each network is considered independent
–each is administered separately
 Global
–millions of users
–massive spread of information
–growing daily!
Putting It Simply….
The difference between a ‘standard’
computer network and the internet is ….
SIZE ( there, you knew it mattered all
 It’s special because of its size and because
of its accessibility.
 The Internet is Not the World Wide
 Host is a computer with information on it
– not necessarily web pages
– Could be email or file server
Web Site is a collection of web pages
What is an Intranet?
Intranet – A connection of machines within an organisation
such as the branch of a bank etc
Branch of Local Organisation
What is an Extranet?
Extranet – A connection of machines between different
corporations each with their own security protocols
The History
Back In Time…..
The Beginning!
 1957
- Launch of Sputnik. In
response the USA form ARPA
(Advanced Research Projects
 1962 - Used by the USA to look at
controlling their bombers and nuclear
 1969 - First real “internet” between
4 universities in the USA
The First Nodes
•Node 1: UCLA
•Node 2: Stanford
Research Institute
(SRI) (October)
•Node 3: University
of California Santa
Barbara (UCSB)
•Node 4: University
of Utah (December)
The 70’s and 80’s
1972 - From 4 to 30 hosts. First email program
1976 - Ethernet developed. Now about 111 hosts
1980 – 213 hosts
1982 – TCP/IP became the standard
1983 – Birth date of the internet.
1984 - Domain name system created. (edu, gov,
mil, com, org, net). No of hosts reaches 1,000.
JANET is created.
1986 - Now 2308 hosts
1987 - 28,174 hosts
1988 - 60,000 hosts. Worm affects 6,000 of
those hosts.
1989 – Hosts break 100,000
The 90’s!
1990 - Hypertext created. Archie created. Hosts now
1991 - WWW was born (Tim Bernes-Lee – CERN). Birth of
1992 - Internet society created. Hosts 1,136,000. World
Bank on line
1993 - First browser created “Mosiac for X”. Hosts
2,056,000, 623 web sites
1994 - Commercial interest with Pizza Hut internet ordering.
WWW becomes second most service on the net. Yahoo
appears. Hosts 3,864,000, / 10,000 web sites
1995 - Charging for private domains. Real Audio appears.
Hosts 6,642,000 / 23,500 web sites
The 90’s! Cont
1996 - Most traffic through ISP. Hosts 15,000,000
/ web sites 603,000 and growing rapidly! Internet
phones catch the attention of US
telecommunication companies who ask the US
Congress to ban the technology
1998 - Web size estimates range between 275
(Digital) and 320 (NEC) million pages (4 million
sites). Compaq pays US$3.3million for Words like E-Commerce, EAuctions, Portals and technologies such as ETrade, XML, Intrusion Detection
1999 – Hacking, Melissa, Love Bug. Even
Railtrack on 31st Dec 1999 got hit. Denial of
service attacks.
Twenty First Century….
2000 - Over 17,000,000 web sites and growing
at an exponential rate (1 billion pages). Internet2
2001 – Napster, Code red virus, IE reaches 85%,
mobiles, 3G released.
2002 – Internet2 now has 200 university, 60
corporate, and 40 affiliate members, blogs
become the new thing.
2003 - The SQL Slammer worm causes one of
the largest and fastest spreading attacks ever,
taking roughly 10 minutes to spread worldwide.
Impacted a multitude of systems ranging from
banks, to air traffic control to emergency
Twenty First Century….
 2004
- Abiline, the Internet2
backbone, upgrade from 2.5Gbps to
10Gbps is completed. Network
Solutions begins offering 100 year
domain registration. CERNET2, the
first backbone IPv6 network in
China, is launched by the China
Education and Research Network
(CERN) connecting 25 universities in
20 cities at speeds of 1-10Gbps
The Growth Of The Internet
The Time Line
The Networks
The Growth and the Future
There are now millions of websites with
over one billion web pages.
 But as most people are well aware, the
Web can be painfully slow – “World Wide
 Some people still connect to the Internet
using modems and telephone lines.
 Connecting to the Internet using fibre
optic lines and via cable TV will increase
bandwidth dramatically, making the Web
more powerful.
The Future – Internet 2
Formed in 1996 - administered by the
University Corporation for Advanced Internet
Development (UCAID)
 A partnership of universities, corporations and
government agencies.
 Not a single network, but a consortium of
hundreds of high-speed networks linked by
fibre optic backbones.
 Transmits data up to 10 gigabits per second
The Future
Already seeing other Internet-enabled
devices, such as pagers and mobile
phones (WAP), which can send and
receive e-mail and access the Web.
 Everything from your car to your
refrigerator may be connected to the
network, communicating with each other
– Electrolux has developed the Screen Fridge, an
Internet icebox that manages your shopping.
– It can e-mail a shopping list to your cybersupermarket and coordinate a convenient
delivery time with your schedule.
Screen Fridge
Introduction To Creating
Web Pages
 Internet
 Netscape Navigator
 Opera
 Firefox
 Zillions of others……
How to translate URL’s
- shows an WWW object
 - shows the server
holding the info
 /sands/arts - shows the directory
 welcome.html - shows the file to be
Web Pages – What we will look at
 Creating
web pages
 Web Standards
 Design, Security etc etc
 Little bit of PHP
What is a Web Page / Web Site?
 Web
– A page that is viewable via a browser
 Web
– Collection Of Web Pages of similar
Web Page Editors
 Use
an editor – Web Authoring Tool
 Code It Yourself - Scripting
Web Editors
 Dreamweaver
 FrontPage
 Notepad
 Etc…etc…..
 All
produce HTML…(or in our case
What is Microsoft FrontPage
 Web
site creation and
management that requires NO
programming Knowledge.
What is Dreamweaver??
 An established tool used for the creation
of professional web pages.
 A visual editor is used
 Advanced in the terms of page design
tools and site management
 Remember - good practise to create /
open a web site folder to store all your
web files each time you open