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Christianity emerges during the
1.______ Empire.
Religion in Rome
• Most Romans were
• Generally 3.________ other religions as
long as they showed loyalty to the Roman
gods and acknowledged the divine spirit of
the Emperor
• Jewish homeland
conquered by Rome
in 63 BC
Reluctant Jews
• 5. _______ were Jews who wanted to revolt
from Rome
Looking for a leader
• The Zealots were waiting for a messiah or
anointed king sent by God to lead them in a
revolt against Rome
• When revolts did break out in Judea the
Romans crushed them and then destroyed
the city of 6. _________.
7. _________
• Followers of Jesus continued to spread his
teachings after his death.
8. ________
• These followers wrote the first four books
of the New Testament
• The Torah (Old Testament)
+ the teachings of Jesus (New Testament)
= _________
Fear of Jesus
• The 9._________ believed Jesus was
challenging their authority- making
blasphemous claims
• The 10. ________ believed Jesus was a
revolutionary leader
Death Sentence
• Jesus was executed by the Romans with the
support of the Jewish priests.
Christianity spreads
• Roman roads and seas provide the network
to spread the new faith throughout the
Empire. (cultural diffusion)
Fear of Christians
• Romans distrust the Christians who meet
and pray in private and would not make
sacrifices to the Roman gods
Executing Christians
• Christians were executed for their beliefs:
11. __________
In 1749 the 12. _________ was consecrated as a sacred site
because of the early Christians who were martyred there.
Christian Rome
• Christianity continues to spread and win
• By 313 AD, the 13. _________
gives freedom to all religions
in Rome to practice freely.
Roman Emperor 14._________
15. Christian________