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• To ensure a positive patient experience of Primary Healthcare through appropriate,
robust treatment provided by compassionate, skilled staff.
• To empower patients to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.
• To have the capacity and enthusiasm to remain adaptable to change and to
embrace new challenges.
• To provide/maintain an environment where EVERYONE feels respected & valued.
• To manage a patient-centred service at a continuous level of achievement that
guarantees its sustainability at the same/higher standards in the future.
We aim to achieve these by:
- ensuring all patients/service users, visitors and staff/colleagues are treated respectfully and fairly,
with integrity and as individuals
- striving to secure and maintain premises, staff, provision and structure that support first-class
care now and in the future
- making time to listen and respond to patient and staff needs & preferences
- encouraging patients to self-manage conditions where appropriate
- educating people in the active prevention of disease/illness
- hiring the best possible staff and investing in their development
- providing appropriate coaching and counselling where required
- taking a holistic approach to patient care where possible
- providing accurate, informed information for patients to base their decisions on
- developing health, social and community signposting
- helping patients manage their medications, monitoring and treatment
- providing support to the families and carers of patients
- displaying consistency in our standards and approach whilst retaining the ability to show flexibility
where circumstances warrant it