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• The chance or likelihood
that an event will occur.
- It is always a number between
zero and one.
- It is stated as a fraction, decimal,
or percent.
• A Probability of Zero is
saying that there is no
chance of it happening.
•A Probability of One is
saying that the event will
always happen.
If the event doesn’t occur every
time, or none of the time, then
we use this formula to
determine the probability:
P (event) = # desired outcomes
# total possible outcomes
Sample space
• List of all possible
Theoretical probability
• Based on considering all
possible outcomes
experimental probability
• Based on considering all
previous outcomes
– Real data
Probability of multiple
• Find the probability of
each individual event
• Multiply each probability
Independent Events
• The outcome of one event
DOES NOT affect the
outcome of the next event
dependent Events
• The outcome of one event
DOES affect the outcome of
each subsequent event
because it changes the
sample space.
• Assume each event is a