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Getting The Message
Ensure everyone finds out
about a flood!
These are important to ensure that
EVERYONE finds out that a flood is
going to happen.
But How?
There are many new and old methods
of mass communication.
In the early part of the 20th Century there
were fewer methods of communication than
we have today.
They included knocking on doors, visits from
flood wardens and public address systems.
However as the years
progressed technology created
many new ways to Get The
Message across to people.
These included the radio and
television broadcasts.
NEW Methods
Communication methods get more
efficient and modern all the time.
Let’s call these 21st Century methods.
They include Mobile phones – Calls, Text
& SMS Messaging. Also email, digital TV
and digital radio.
Different People
 Society includes
vulnerable people.
 There are many methods
of communication so
there’s bound to be one to
get the message across to
 For example deaf people
can be contacted by email,
by telephone or by radio!
It’s important…
• To make sure the message gets
across to everyone.
• If just a few people do not get the
flood message there maybe injuries
and even deaths!
Hurricane Katrina
Flood risk is not spread
evenly across a
In New Orleans in
2005 Hurricane Katrina
had a catastrophic
effect on the elderly,
the disabled and the
low income earners.
What Happened?
• These groups lacked their own
transport and were unable to flee.
• They could not afford INSURANCE
and so were poorly prepared for
• Ultimately the death toll was far
• To be fully effective flood warning
schemes need to recognise that that
people are not the same.
• Safety schemes need to meet the
varying needs of different social
groups. So they can keep everyone