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History of the World
Chapter 1 Notes
“Man is special to God because he alone was created in the image of
Characteristics similar to God that permit fellowship with Him:
1. language and thoughts
2. awareness of the difference between right and wrong
3.freedom to make choices
Adam and Eve committed the first human sin (started a downward
course in history)
The most important part of culture is how people relate to GOD
The Flood was God’s punishment for the height of evil man had
reached (true wickedness was reached)
After the flood Noah and his descendants settled in Shinar
Chapter 2 Notes
Descendent of Noah’s son Shem
Lived in Ur around 2000 BC when God told him to leave for a new land
Made the land fertile by building irrigation, and canals, dams and dikes
to control flooding.
First known in the world to use wheels
Numbering system was based on 60 – began our current division of 60
seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour
Sumerians – first after the flood to use writing as a form of
Stylus – used to make wedge-shaped markings on clay tablets
Cuneiform – wedge-shaped writing
Became a center of a new empire
Hammurabi became king around 1800 BC and united all of
Mesopotamia – creating the ancient Babylonian Empire
Hammurabi’s Laws – made so that people all followed the rules, and
made the laws known, BUT the people were not punished the same
under this law. (same crime, but the rich and poor treated differently)
Founding fathers of the Israel: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (three of the most
important men in history)
Chapter 3 Notes
Egyptians were descendants of Mizraim (Ham’s son)
Joseph came to hold a position of power, chief assistant to the King
(known as a Vizier)
The famous Rosetta Stone was interpreted by Jean Francis Champollion
Delta – named after the Greek letter Delta ( ) – fertile strip of land
that is formed from the many streams fanned out from the Nile near
the Mediterranean Sea (one of most fertile pieces of the land in the
Following pyramids Pharaohs preferred the mortuary temples for burial
10 Plagues
Egyptians worshiped nature
God showed them through the plagues: frogs, lice, flies, cow disease,
boils, hail, locusts, loss of the sun, river to blood, and finally death of
the first born….that their religion was foolish. He turned the forces of
nature that they worshiped against them, showing His ultimate power.