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Communicating with Citizens
How to bring the message across
Pascal Hildebert & Marcello Mereu
European Commission, 16 March 2006
Introduction and general objectives
The challenges of communication
What is communication?
Styles and techniques to enhance our
…a few little pieces of advice
Illusion of evidence
The challenges of communication:
Filtering information and the process of
Scotoma (reticular activating system).
Differences in perception.
What seems evident and obvious to us is not
necessarily so for our listeners, the recipients
of the information. We need to be precise in
the information we give.
What is communication?
To organise and manage information, to
express and convey concepts efficiently
and clearly, to understand feedback,
adapting the language (verbal and non
Communication means being able to
express, receive and exchange ideas in
an effective manner
Communication styles & techniques:
How to investigate perceptions:
Active listening/Rephrasing
(Avoid misunderstandings!)
Open questions/Never Assume Always Ask
(Let people talk!)
Communication styles & techniques:
Body Language/Mirroring
Presentation skills (eye contact, things
to avoid…)