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The Respiratory System starts in your nose
and mouth and the majority of the
Respiratory System is in your chest.
The major functions in the Respiratory
System are your lungs and your
diaphragm . The diaphragm works with
your lungs to allow you to breath in and
The Respiratory System works the
Circulatory System because it gives
oxygen to the blood cells witch makes
your limbs and brain work.
Work Together
What happens when
you get an Asthma
Attack is when you
can’t catch your
breath and you have
a hard time breathing.
Your air ways fill up
with mucus, and there
is barely any space for
air to come into your
What happens is your
airways fill up with
Asthma affects about 1 in 7 children. It
also affects 1 in 5 swimmers in the U.S.
 Carbon dioxide can be deadly if there is
too much of it in the system
 The lung is the most important organ in
the body.
What protects your Lungs?
2) How does the air & oxygen get to your
3) What are 2 of the disorders for the
Respiratory System?
A1 Your ribs
A2 through your mouth & nose
A3 Asthma and Pneumonia
 Living systems
 Lungs by Shannon Caster