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Tristan bannon
The skeleton is a framework in are body. It holds our
organs and it protects them too. The muscles attach to
our bones and it helps us move are body. The skull has
more then 20 bones in it. Your bones are a hard type of
tissue. Our bones are not all that hard the part that is
soft is the marrow. The marrow helps protect us by
fighting off infections, & other diseases,& helps
produce red blood cell & helps the cells function.
Digestive system
The digestive system starts to function before you take a bite
of food. When you smell the food your digestive system
starts to work. When you take a bite of food you start to
make it smaller then the digestive system pushes the food
out and that is your poop the food you just ate. The saliva
will moist it and it is easier to swallow the food then it
starts to go in the digestive system and it will start to brake
Respiratory system
The lungs, throat, mouth and others are in the
respiratory system. The respiratory system helps us
breath. Respiratory problems are from smoking &
from air pollution. Oxygen is taken in by the airways to
the lungs transfer to the rest of the body in the blood.
The lungs also give off carbon dioxide into the
atmosphere. Humans & land animals have the same
kind of respiratory system as we do.
Circulatory systems
The circulatory system is made of the heart, blood
vessels,& veins. There are red blood help us get
oxygen in are organs. The white blood cells helps us
hell our scabs. Are cells are made of plasma. plasma
is a liquid.
The nervous system
Humans have 100 billon nerves in there body. You may
think of your brain as the central computer that
controls your body, well the nervous system sends you
messages to your brain. The nerves are all over your
body and tell you what is going on.