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The Battle of
Fort Sumter
A Brief History…
By Yuridia Ramos 
So….What was the battle of Fort
Sumter? :\ hmm…
It was recognized for being the battle that
started the American civil war!
And the Fort was named after General
Thomas Sumter, who was a revolutionary war
hero from South Carolina
Now, let’s begin
OK, so I think we all know it
happened in Ft. Sumter, but Where
was this place?
Well it took place in South Carolina!
Exactly where? Charleston and
Charleston Bay!
Now…when did it
OK, OK I’ll get
serious…the date was
April 12-14, 1861
Who were the main people in the
Battle of Fort Sumter?
For the North or the
Union States, it was
Major Robert
For the South or the
Confederate states, it
was Brigadier General
P.G.T. Beauregard
I’ll try to explain what happened…
Here’s what happened…
OK…It wasn’t REALLY like
that…but you get the point!
Now, seriously what actually
Well, Abraham Lincoln's
administration would not surrender the
fort to the Confederates in a peaceful
Jefferson Davis, president of the
Confederate States decided to take
matters under his own hands…
Why did the Confederates
want Fort Sumter so badly?
Well, Davis hoped that in seizing
the command of Fort Sumter he
could kick the northerners out of
the South and help South Carolina
secede to the Confederate States
of America. He then sent P.G.T.
Beauregard under his command to
evacuate the fort.
However when Beauregard commanded
Anderson to evacuate the fort, he denied. And
on April 12th at 4.30am General Beauregard
opened fire from Fort Johnson in Charleston.
And the Battle Began…
Robert Anderson
-Men: 80
-Casualties and Losses:
P.G.T. Beauregard
-Men: 500 (estimated)
-Casualties and Losses:
After 34 hours of battle, Anderson
surrenders to Beauregard…
Aftermath: Confederacy Won!
(And Civil War Starts…)
The result was war. However a
neighboring Fort, Fort Pickens in
Florida was retained by the Union
and helped considerably in the
blockade of Southern Ports.
The Confederates completed and
strengthened Fort Sumter and
retained it through several attacks
in 15 months time.
Although retired , Robert Anderson
returned to Fort Sumter in April
1865 for Union flag raising
Hooray! That’s the End!! :D
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