Download 3.3 Sedimentary rocks form from earlier rocks

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Classifying Rocks
 3 rock types
 ______________
 ______________
 _______________
____fragments, ______, or
_____and _____remains that
settle ___of ______or air
Sedimentary Rocks
 “that which has _______”
 Formed from ________
 Sediments=rocks exposed to ________that have been
broken down into very small pieces
Formation depends on _________________
 Sediments __________ into ___________
 Cement ___________over time
Sediments change into Rock by
________together by new
________to form ______
Sedimentary rock formed
from _______of ______,
bark roots, and other plant
material that is ______and
under ________
Contains ____minerals
Sedimentary rock with
_____of _____, ______,
_______or other products
that are ____ ___than 2
mm cemented
_________with minerals.
Sedimentary rock made of
_______and skeletons of
Over time the individual
_____are ___longer _____
and _________limestone
Sedimentary Rock and Wind
Water movement: ______
sediment ______before
smaller sediment
_____Direction : Cross-beds,
___________, Mud Cracks