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Michelangelo Early Life
Michelangelo was born on the 6th March
1475 in Arezzo
His full name is Michelangelo di Lodovico
Bourotto Simone
He was raised in Florence and was trained
there too
Who was he?
He was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor,
poet and architect
Some of his works are: Fresco Ceiling
Matyrdrom of St. Peter
Conversion St. Paul hall
Pieta and David Sculptures
He worked in Florence
He died on the 18th February
Pictures of Works
Vivaldi Early Life
He was on the March 4th 1678 in Venice
His full name was Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
He continued to live in Venice
Who was he?
He was a Baroque music composer and Priest
He was also a Violinist
Some of his songs are:Ottone I villa
The four season villa
Nerone fatto Cesare
He died 28th July 1741